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Jeneral Store

Jeneral Store is a decadent sustainable fashion brand, resetting the rhythm by bringing you trendful, affordable, reimagined collections, so you can look and feel like a total vision.


Our universe is a sugary mix of selective Vintage, Circular and Sustainable fashion product. All defined by soft pastels in dreamy patterns and fabrics, brought back to life in our Manchester studio by Jen of Jeneral Store. 


Jen's mission is to find and present to you affordable precious gems so you don’t have to go in search for that one piece that makes your heart stop.  We strive to bring you a curated series of different and enticing fashion edits, all in a palette of colours you could only dream of.


A Letter From Jen

2020. The year I quit my job to build a sustainable fashion brand like no other.

A moment I’d been dreaming of for 10 years and was finally brave enough to do. As an Fashion Import Merchandiser it was my job to provide high volume product to some of the UK's biggest Fast Fashion retailers. I realised it’s impact on mass production, contribution to pollution and the treatment of garment workers - people I had contact with every day. If I wasn’t pushing for cheaper prices, I was demanding earlier shipment dates and placing volume orders at a rate that was spiralling out of control.

But I get it. I was a serial fast fashion junkie until last year. I was a shopoholic, buying stuff just because it was on sale, sometimes not even in my size. I’d shove it to the back of my wardrobe, trying to fill some sort of void to make me feel better. It didn’t. It made me feel guilty, broke and stupid. Yeah that might be a cute dress, but if you knew some of the things I know about this industry, you’d boycott fast fashion this instant.

I’m not here to tell you where to shop. Or expose brands for doing it the wrong way. Maybe where and how a garment’s made isn’t all that important to you. But as an individual, I ask you to look in your wardrobe and pick out all the stuff you’re proud to show off. The second-hand bits you got for bargains, the vintage pieces you can’t live without. 

I invite you to try shopping in a new way.

The Jeneral Store way.