Jeneral Store is an online circular Fashion Hub. Your destination for distinctively sharp, trendful yet conscious and considered fashion and lifestyle. 


Divided into two sectors, were here to switch up your view on sustainability through style.


Sustainable Fashion and Conscious Living.


In a time when the fashion industry is wreaking havoc on our planet, we bring together likeminded people through pop-up swap shop events across Greater Manchester. We redefine your definition of 'new' through switching styles, giving fashion it's much deserved second life.


We reinvent clothing from deadstock through deconstruction, repurposing and imaginatively transforming the unwanted into desirable garments.

Jeneral Store is a carefully curated collection of all things bright, busy and full of new energy – a platform for something sometimes a little bit bizzare.

The other side of our business specialises in conscious living alternatives, showing you how to reduce your footprint by make small changes in daily life, but doing it in style.

Living in a throwaway society, we challenge you to join the Jeneral Store society and satisfy your guilty pleasures, without costing the planet.